DNS domain missing

So I migrated my records for two of my domains about 10 days ago. Everything seemed to be working correctly, but then I go to manage my records this morning and one of the domains is missing. I can re-import the domain, but it appears as if things are resolving ok at this point. Anyone ever experience something like that?

Like records vanishing? No, that should not happen. Check your audit log on Cloudflare, if anyone or anything removed these records.

not records. The entire domain. I used to be able to switch between them after logging in.

That could happen when your nameservers changed. Again, check your audit log.

Whats the domain?

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laurel-fdn.org. it’s a free plan. Since it’s ultra low volume. I do not see an access log and since I went back through the “add domain” process to see what happens, it does appear the NS records are different. Oddly enough though, it’s pointing to previous Cloudflare NS of Hugh and Zoe. Now it wants me to change it to Nadia and Oswald. I’m concerned that when I migrate my actual domain something stupid like this will happen.

Audit log, not access log. Thats on your main screen in your dashboard.

It would appear as if you had set the correct nameservers for the past two weeks. Assuming the domain properly validated on Cloudflare, it shouldnt have been automatically removed, but thats something only the audit log can shed light on.

I’ve looked in every tab and every subtab. No audit log available. Could it be due to the fact that its a free account?

my bad. it was one level up. found it. let me take a look at it and see what it says.

So it is in the logs. Cloudflare issued a delete request for some reason.

Thats something best to clarify with support then. Most likely the domain didnt properly verify on Cloudflare, but only support can tell you more.

is there a way to get in touch with them? I sent an e-mail to them but I got an automated response from their bot. It didn’t seem like much else was going to happen.

+1 to the feedback from @sandro. I can also fill in some blanks without a ticket.

I see the zone was moved on 10/10 (nameservers changed I guess), there is an email alert, probably in spam indicating that move. On 10/17, after rechecking name servers, the zone was removed, there will be an email indicating that as well.

That is the important part. If on the same top level page where you found audit log, if the zone shows as pending, it’s not active on cloudflare. Support cannot assist with that,.

You need to contact your domain registrar and find out why they have a client transfer prohibited on your pending domains, I suspect that is what is preventing the authentication of the zone.

Simply reply to that email to re-open it and have someone look at it.

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I guess the domain simply is locked, but did the OP want to transfer it to Cloudflare? I thought it was simply a regular setup?

@jbaer, right now your domain does not point to Cloudflare. Are you aware of that?

I think a regular setup (not registrar) is the intent as well. From Historical NS records for laurel-fdn.org - SecurityTrails, it looks like the zone was added to cloudflare on 10/9 and nameservers were set for oswald and nadia but then expired on 10/10 when we kicked off the removal process.

I’m guessing the domain expired on the 10th and that triggered our actions but the domain was re-activated and added to a cloudflare account with nameservers of zoe & hugh.

We continued with our removal process after re-check as the name servers on 10/17 would not have been pointing to zoe & hugh oswald and nadia.

Today, it shows as pending in @jbaer’s account waiting for the nameservers to be set as oswald & nadia.

Hmm, the domain was registered on October 23rd, five years ago, so I am not sure if an expiration is the issue here.

I did notice the two nameservers as well, but dont have an explanation for them. Maybe the OP could elaborate.

Assuming the OP doesnt want to transfer the domain but just add it to Cloudflare, the domain lock shouldnt be much of an issue.

At this point the most likely explanation seems to me, the OP added the domain, assigned incorrect nameservers and Cloudflare scheduled the domain for removal. Afterwards the OP corrected the nameservers but the domain eventually got removed as it was already scheduled.

No idea, if this was the correct flow of events, but its the best explanation I can come up with so far :slight_smile:

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the most recent message I received was a status active message stating:

Congratulations! You have successfully activated [http://laurel-fdn.org] Your site will now receive the benefits of Cloudflare’s performance, security and reliability features. Check out reports of bandwidth saved* and threats blocked on your account.

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Nope. We have a bunch of domains with the same registrar. Just trying to get the DNS moved from AT&T to Cloudflare since they don’t support DMARC records. Which is beyond belief in itself. Although, I have absolutely no love for AT&T

So you dont want to transfer but just use a regular Cloudflare setup?

In any case, right now your domain does not point to Cloudflare. You will need to fix that.

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