DNS domain matching across Orange Cloud and Spectrum

We have an application involves both https and mqtt protocols. In this case we have to use Spectrum for MQTT since Orange Cloud is https only.

We wonder if we can use wild card subdomains to separate our https and mqtt traffic to Orange Cloud and Spectrum respectively?

For example, we will register two domains, *.job.mydomain.com on Orange Cloud and mqtt.job.mydomain.com on Spectrum.

Will Cloudflare prioritize mqtt.job.mydomain.com over *.job.mydomain.com while doing DNS domain matching?


This is standard DNS, and not up to Cloudflare. Wildcard DNS only kicks in when the specific hostname does not exist in the zone.

even when one of the records is in Spectrum and the wildcard is Orange Cloud, the wildcard will still be checked after exhaustibly checking all records in Spectrum?

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