DNS doesn't propagate properly

Dear Cloudflare community/support,

I’ve registered a domain and setup the config at cloudflare. this is not my first configuration at Cloudflare and all previous ones are working well. But in this case I get erratic behaviour of the DNS propagation (I also experienced this before with the same name servers of CLoudFlare with another domain, which I retracted from Cloudflare for this reason, as mail was no longer being delivered).

At my register I’ve added the 2 name servers of Cloudflare, sky and zac

I’ve added all the DNS entries needed for email and website.

This was done on 22th of May 2023 (se also screenshots)

When checking the dns propagation I can see the registration at some dns servers but a lot are missing the information. when querying the authoritative source all entries are properly found. But at this moment not even Cloudflare itself can find my domain?

Has anyone experienced this before? Any hints or tips to resolve this?

with kind regards,


Your domain is signed with an invalid dnssec key, see Website test: reumer-comba.com

See DNSSEC · Cloudflare DNS docs and either disable dnssec or update it with the values provided by Cloudflare.


Thank you Lauding,

I had been searching all over the internet what could be the cause. As one of my other domains at the same registrar is working without any issues, I was a bit stumbled by this.

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