DNS does not update!

Hey, guys

I configured my domain in Smart SEO Hosting. After everything fixed, I realized I needed SSL. When I generated SSL, I received the notification that I was using the main VPS IP and needed to change and only then generate SSL. Hosting gave me the new IP, more than 24 hours since I switched to Clouflare and nothing happened. It seems to be in cache, even when I did the update the site did not go off the air. I already cleaned the cache and nothing has changed. The domain of suadvogadomanaus.com.br

That’s the message I get generating the SSL in the Smart SEO Hosting.

“The IP returned by your domain DNS server does not match your domain IP. It seems you use 3rd party DNS servers. If that is the case make sure the IP returned by your DNS server is XX.XX.XX.XX and then try again.
If you want to discuss this with support please provide the following ‘Reference Id’: ca1ab431-ce17-4df1-9780-1dee974a698d”

That domain does not seem to exist. Typo?

Anyway, seems like they’re using a funny way to validate the SSL; If you have a VPS you may want to do SSL yourself by using the free Let’s Encrypt service and some client like acme.sh

Anyway, probably what they do is to compare the IP of your SSL hostname with your server IP. You’re probably proxying your domain through Cloudflare, so they see Cloudflare’s IP. If that’s the case, what you should do is to temporarily suspend Cloudflare service by clicking the orange cloud next to the hostname they try to validate (likely suadvogadomanaus.com.br without a typo) - ask them to validate again, and then it will probably work, and you would be able to resume Cloudflare’s service.

After you have your SSL, you can switch to Let’s Encrypt that do not do shenanigans of that sort for your next permanent automatic renewals :slight_smile:


Yes, I was wrong. The right thing is that seuadvogadomanaus.com.br.

I appreciate the support. I always forget that leaving NDA active has no way to see Cloudflare’s IP. I appreciate your help.

I hope I don’t forget that information.

On the two SSL services, I will study to see how the implementation works. Anything I’ll yell at you privately. haha

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