DNS does not propogate A2 Hosting thinks my Cloudflare account is bad

Cannot add staging server with A2 Hosting’s instructions. Attempted to follow instruction provided by A2 but it would not propogate after over 5 days of trying. A2 thinks I have a faulty Cloudflare account but I cant verify that as everything seems OK on my end. How do I know if I have a faulty Cloudflare account?

The name server on the DNS check was very different name than what I saw in the dashboard: Leaf DNS

Your domain is active on Cloudflare in a different account from the one you are showing. The account you are showing (nameservers jamie and maxim) has the domain pending.

You either need to log into the other account (where nameservers are millie and weston), or change the nameservers at your registrar to jamie and maxim for the account you are current showing to take control.


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