DNS does not find IP of the URL

Okay I have a problem, I’ve been using Cloudflare for a while, and haven’t had an issue like this. I setup an A and SRV record for my sub-domain. The IP address is correct, and everything is Port Forwarded correctly. If I try going to the website using the IP Address, it’ll take me there, if I try going to it using the URL, it’ll give me a 522 Connection Timed Out error. All help is appreciated! :slight_smile:
If you were to go to the Website right now (see SRV Record for link) the nit’ll do one of two things:

  1. It’ll provide a snapshot of what it was before I changed the Record
  2. It’ll give you the error
    A Record:

    SRC Record:

You cant use SRV records in a web context in the first place. So for starters, drop that approach and only use the A record.

As for the A record itself, it seems to be properly configured but there simply is nothing running on port 443 on your server → sitemeer.com/#https://forums.tigersserver.xyz

Okay, I removed the SRV Record. But every time I go to the website, it shows a snapshot of the old server.

It shouldnt show anything. There is nothing responding and you should get a connection timeout.

Okay I see what you mean, when I go to the IP Address under port 443, it doesn’t send data. If I go under 80, it loads the target site. What do I do for it to take me to port 80?

Port 80 would be plain HTTP, but it doesnt respond there either


Which is what I find weird and why I need help. I don’t know why it doesn’t get the IP Address, even though going to the address itself works.

Would the Page rule that enforces HTTPS have anything to do with this?

It does “get” the IP address, there simply is nothing that responds.

You either have no service running there or some firewall in place which prevents the connection. Unfortunately that is a bit beyond the scope of the forum here and thats something best to take to StackExchange.

One thing to keep in mind, if you want a secure connection on HTTPS, you need to run it on port 443 and you need to have a proper certificate installed on your server (e.g. an origin certificate from Cloudflare).

I’ve checked the firewalls, and they’re good with Cloudflare, and I plan to use the Cloudflare proxy for the HTTPS. I’ll ask on StackExchange as well, thanks fore your help! :smile:

Uhh okay, I changed the name of the A record to something else and it works now?

The Cloudflare proxy wont make your site secure. You still need the certificate on your server. If you dont have that you have an insecure site.

As for firewalls, I cant tell whether it is a firewall or a service issue. The fundamental issue is your server does not respond on any of the ports.

Okay then, I’ll use Let’sEncrypt and add a Certificate. Thanks again for the help!

Yes, Lets Encrypt will also work.

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