DNS disappeared, had to re-add to CF

When i originally added my site to CF, i successfully added the DNS servers from my account. I have 5 other domains hosted with CF, and none of them experienced an issue.

When i dig my domain’s name servers, my CF DNS names show up without issue. However, on the overview page of this domain, it appears as though the name-server validation still hasn’t gone through. I assume its because its a .group domain, which isn’t in whois.net yet.

Any guidance would be helpful.



Typo! You wrote “ruby” instead of “rudy” for the nameserver.

what a typo! i’ve reviewed it in google domains, and it in fact says rudy, not ruby… but THANKS!!!

No, your domain is currently configured for ruby.

i saw, i’ve fixed it, but when i dig for it (both before and after my change), i get the following:

# dig ns moorelife.group +short

I would suggest you check at your registrar :wink:

Now it is correct and will eventually verify on Cloudflare too.

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