DNS did not update since I changed it 3 days ago


I changed the DNS (an A record named qa with a static IP address) and it did not reflect with the new IP address for the past 3 days when I do a ping???

I understand there is a delay in DNS propagation, but 3 days is a first to me?

What could be wrong? I just have the name as qa, thinking that the new IP address I provide would result requesting qa.everylisting.com at as configured. Instead, the ping keeps reporting the wrong IP address at

You need to unproxy the record (switch from :orange: to :grey:).

Hey Sandro, we’re also experiencing delays creating a subdomain. When turning off proxy to create a subdomain, after connections are established, do we then reinitiate proxy?

All your records are unproxied, so I guess you should keep it unproxied. Unless you want to use the proxies, but then you need to reconsider your setup anyhow.

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