DNS did not resolve to a valid IP address error



I get this error for 1 of the nameservers when I try to update.

I’ve got these DNS records in CloudFare:

A csresume.com points to [redacted by Cloudflare support] Automatic

A csresume.com points to [redacted by cloudflare support] Automatic

CNAME www is an alias of csresume.com

Is there a record missing?


Site csresume.com is not connected to Cloudflare. You are in the process of adding it.

Probably it’s typo, but first record doesn’t have leading 1 in [redacted by cloudflare support]

For your domain:
A record [redacted by cloudflare support] Automatic
A record [redacted by cloudflare support] Automatic
CNAME www is an alias of csresume.com

Don’t forget to add MX records for google apps.

Cloudflare will recognize everything.


Edited your origin IPs rom the post just to be safe from a security standpoint. Can you confirm where you are receiving this error? From the description it wounds like you are receiving the error when trying to change you nameservers at your registrar. Is this correct?

Double check the nameservers to be added for your domain on the Overview page in the admin console. They will be in the format of .ns.cloudflare.com.


Yes, it’s a typo, there’s no leading 1.

MX records are added,


The error was received when trying to change nameservers at my registrar.

I double and trupple checked the nameservers: alina.ns.cloudfare.com and lars.ns.cloudfare.com

The 2nd one (lars) is getting the error.

Any idea why this is happening?



You’re missing an l in Cloudflare above. Might try copying/pasting from the Cloudflare UI and make sure there is no leading or trailing whitespace in the entry. Sometimes the registrar validation tools can be a bit fragile.


You’re right, it was a typo.

Thanks so much!