DNS Details Duplicated?

I was seting up Cloudflare as my DNS for one of my domains and during the set-up process of a new account, I noticed that some of the DNS records shown had not been updated from the previous hosting provider.
It has been 3 days since I transferred the domain and migrated the website to another local provider.

It appears that a number of the records shown in Cloudflare are duplicated and still displaying the old provider’s IP addresses and other detail (A, ssh, FTP, TXT, MX, CNAME) and that of the new provider.

I have deleted the Cloudflare site and Added the site again, but same thing. Should these records still be getting scanned during set up and included or is there some way I can purge the old detail or something? I know I can delete the records in Cloudflare one at a time, but I don’t know what each of them does…and don’t feel comfortable doing that.

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When changing hosting providers, it is not necessary to remove your domain from Cloudflare. You simply edit your DNS using the data provided by your new host.

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