DNS deleted, how can I recover it?

How can I recover the original DNS records?
I deleted the DNS records to test another one and don’t save the originals, so now i don’t have it.
It is possible to recover?

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Yes, in the Dashboard at the account level, open the Manage Account section and choose Audit Log.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 4.37.47 AM

This will show you a list of changes made in your account. Find the one where the DNS entry was deleted (the Action should be “Rec Del”), and it will show you the content of the record that was deleted.

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Great! But I only see one rec del with CNAME, is that normal?
The rest of them are rec del with TXT, that DNS are important to recover?

It’s hard to say what’s “normal”, it will be whatever records you deleted. The TXT records are probably for email and may be important.

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