Dns delete configuration does not take effect?

I deleted the dns settings on cloudfare,and switched to a new name server, but it will still be resolved to cloudfare, causing my website to be inaccessible.
I have used Purge Cache tool to refresh DNS cache, but it is still useless.What should i do?

Hi, when did you change your nameservers? It could take some time until they are updated. Make also sure your local dns cache is clear.

If that dose not help it would be useful when you share the domain name with us.

When changing your DNS you should set up DNS at the new provider, change Nameservers at the registrar and then 24-28 hours later remove the zone from Cloudflare if you wish.

domain:http://tmapi.top, It’s been more than 6 hours

Changing nameservers should be hitless. Make sure all the DNS records in your Cloudflare account match the values at your new DNS provider, and change all :orange: to :grey:.

Changing nameservers can talk up to 48 hours.

That’s probably the issue:

Yes, I have deleted them all, so i can only wait :astonished:?

You should put them back, as suggested. Or, as you pointed out, just wait it out for the rest of the 48 hours.

DNSchecker.org is a good place to watch the progress of DNS propagation.

OK,thank you!

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