DNS delegation error

I’m trying to delegate a subdomain sub1.example.com to another DNS server.
I have created an NS record of sub1 with the server address of sub1.example.com but when I want to create the A record for sub1 it says:

NS records already exist with that host. (Code: 81056)

Any ideas on how to do that?

That NS record should be something like ns1.otherhost.com
And then that other host’s name server should have the “A” record for sub1.example.com

So DNS lookups for that subdomain will be sent over to the other host provider’s name servers.

I’ve done this before with a glue record in Bind DNS Server. Is it possible to create such a record in Cloudflare?

I tried creating the A record first and got a similar error.

I guess it’s a limitation/bug in the DNS system – or the dashboard – but can you just work around it by naming the nameserver something else?

(Fun fact: psg.com is a [non-Cloudflare] zone with this setup.)

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