DNS delegated but CF didn't noticed that

Hi! the DNS at my registrar where delegated some days ago but CF didn’t got the update and the domain still in pending state…

The issue is with my domain erway.com.ar, thanks in advise!

You need to change you nameservers at your registrar. The only pair listed should be Cloudflare’s.


Name Servers BARBARA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM (has 25,520,923 domains)
LLOYD.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM (has 25,520,923 domains)
NS1.DNS-PARKING.COM (has 3,707,658 domains)
NS2.DNS-PARKING.COM (has 3,707,658 domains)
NS3.HOSTMAR.COM (has 76,031 domains)
NS4.HOSTMAR.COM (has 76,031 domains)


Thanks! I didn’t manage the domain, as my client won’t givme me access to the registrar. Will let him know this situation. It will never work this way jeje.

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