DNS define nameservers from host not Cloudflare

I have sites hosted at siteground and want to use their nameserver ns1.siteground.net and ns2.siteground.net. How do I make this nameserver change in Cloudflare from zeus.ns.cloudflare.com and fiona.ns.cloudflare.com? Also want to keep intact Cloudflare functions for domain.

Before I transferred and began registering domains at Cloudflare, using Enom as registrar when I would add a domain registered at Enom using their default nameserver, Cloudflare would detect the DNS records and advise to place fiona.ns.cloudflare.com and zeus.ns.cloudflare.com as new nameservers. Now with Cloudflare as registrar default nameservers are fiona.ns.cloudflare.com and zeus.ns.cloudflare.com and I don’t see anyway to changing them to ns1.siteground.net and ns2.siteground.net. Hope I am making sense thanks in advance for advisement.

Step 1: move your registrar to a registrar that isn’t Cloudflare.

Step 2: Change your nameservers to a non Cloudflare set.

Step 3: Sign up for a business plan and configure a CNAME setup.

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It is looking like the only option is what you suggest but had hoped not to have to do that. Hoping someone from Cloudflare will see this maybe they would see not such good idea to not have an intuitive means to do as I describe thanks csharff :slight_smile:

It’s intentional:

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