DNS declined by the domain registrar

I have a domain and wanted to change the DNS to resolve in CloudFlare, but my domain registrar declined. What can I do?

I hired the PRO plan but CloudFlare support sucks. Can someone from the community help me?

Whats the domain? Possibly a .br domain?


Cloudflare currently does seem to have some issues with .br domains

Unfortunately it is not clear what the actual issue is and none of the OPs from those threads has reported back.

My best advice at this point would be to bother support again. The community cant do much here.

Can you post the support ticket number?

The number is this: # 1851480

I have 5 more domains, all .br and all have been accepted, except icloud.com.br



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Yes yesterday

Are you saying that your registrar won’t let you change your name servers?

Well, then it probably is not a general issue with .br but only with certain domains. Unfortunately that is still something that only support can fix.

yes, only for CloudFlare DNS. And only one domain icloud.com.br
Any other DNS server is acceptable

just one domain. And it is configured correctly. Online with Azure DNS

If it is correctly configured or not is not the point :slight_smile: Please refer to what I posted earlier.

I do assume you did add the domain correctly to Cloudflare and Cloudflare gave you nameservers.

yes, everything done correctly

Hence what I wrote at the beginning.

Hi Sandro.
I read what you wrote above.

The website owner has given up on CloudFlare and I will do the same. I will request a refund and I will try Amazon.

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