DNS connect to WordPress

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What is the domain name?

Have you searched for an answer?
I tried but did not see anything close. Or I don’t have a clue.

Please share your search results url:
What search results? Info pages from Cloudflare and WordPress which I followed as best I could.

When you tested your domain using the [Cloudflare Diagnostic Center], what were the results?
What does it all mean?

HTTPS status:request_failed

redirecting unencrypted HTTP traffic: request_failed

mixed : request_failed

site speed (TTFB): request_failed

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Describe the issue you are having:
I have added the NS codes for WordPress to the Domain DNS setup. WordPress acknowledges the domain name but does not connect.
WordPress…contact Cloudflare to just to make sure that you have the name servers changed properly.

What error message or number are you receiving?
The page isn’t redirecting properly

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. I have emailed WordPress 3 times and added the 3 NS codes
    2.I have read the info pages suggested not that I understand all of it.
  2. I am now trying to contact Cloudflare for help

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?
It was a wordpress site - I don’t know.

What are the steps to reproduce the error:

  1. The error is still in place - not connecting to domain/server

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?
I have tried from three browsers, two computers, and a mobile phone

I’m unsure of what you mean by “added the Wordpress NS codes to Domain DNS setup”.

In order to use Cloudflare services you have to use Cloudflare nameservers. Adding a DNS record with a type of NS pointing to the Wordpress nameservers will not work.

Providers that make you change your nameservers are unfortunately not very compatible with Cloudflare unless they have an alternate setup (may be named a “CNAME setup” or “A record setup”). Can you check to see if your host provides this type of setup?

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This is what WordPress gave
Our name servers are. You can provide to Cloudflare support:

ns1.wordpress com
ns2.wordpress com
ns3.wordpress com

Note there is a dot between wrodpress and com but it treats it as a link in this form

So this type of setup is incompatible with Cloudflare: Cloudflare needs to use their own nameservers and only their nameservers, and Wordpress wants you to theirs instead.

Wordpress has a guide on how to use an alternative setup, but unfortunately you do have to pay extra for the CNAME setup: Connect a Subdomain – WordPress.com Support


Last shot.
I requested IP from WordPress as follows
Type: A Host (or Name): @ Value: Type: A Host (or Name): @ Value: Type: CNAME Host (or Name): www Value: @

What format do the Cloudfare NS names take: Type and Name
is value Type:NS; Name:???; Nameserver:alexandra.ns.Cloudflare com
value Type NS; Name???; Nameserver: andy.ns.Cloudflare com

Will this work?

So you will need to:

  • go to your Registrar (not Cloudflare) and change your nameservers there. Not an NS record. If your domain on Cloudflare says active, skip this step.
  • go to the Cloudflare Dashboard, click on your domain then DNS on the left sidebar.
  • add a record, type of A, name of @, and value of
  • add a record, type of A, name of @, and value of
  • add a record, type of CNAME, name of www, and value of @
  • check to see if this works (you may need to clear your DNS cache, you can google how to do this as it varies between browsers)

OK I made the changes (Cloudflare says active).
I assume now wait upto 72 hours to see if it works.

Thank you for your help. The learning curve tied a knot. Hopefully it is loose a little now.

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  1. At the top left of the WordPress site, click My Site.
  2. Scroll down and on the left, click Upgrades. …
  3. Click the domain name that you want to verify.
  4. Click Change your name servers & DNS records.
  5. Click DNS Records.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page. …
  7. From the Type list, select CNAME.

WordPress say no need. But still the site is not loading. I am waiting on WordPress again. I must have done something, or not done something. Site domain is active. WordPress shows site address. However the message ‘An error occurred during a connection to tricyclesphilippines com’ appears. I’ve tried different computers, clear cache, phone. Maybe tomorrow.

WordPress have replied with… you will need to reach out to Cloudflare to verify the DNS records on the domain tricyclesphilippines com has been added successfully, and that the name servers of your domain is correct as well.

Can someone at Cloudflare have a look. Please.

For the A record, when I type the @ it changes to the site tricyclesphilippines com

I don’t know if that is significant.

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