DNS conflicting with SPF

I was trying to connect my website to a platform that was sending SPF to DNS on top of my existing DNS from cloudflare. Now I cannot even receive emails because of the error below as per GoDaddy:

“Your DNS has more then 1 spf record. You need to check with the Domain DNS provider and ask them to delete the extra SPF records as they are conflicting and causing the trouble.”

How do I do it with my free plan, which doesn’t seem to include a direct customer service with Cloudflare??


While having multiple SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records would prevent you from sending emails, it has nothing to do with why you do not receive emails.

What is your domain, and which email services do you want to use for sending and which for receiving emails?

Thanks for your message.
I cannot receive an automatic email for verification code from another platform, and not from Godaddy support as well. I use Microsoft.

Is it possible to delete the extra spf records myself?

I’m, sorry, I thought I had replied to you, but I apparently forgot to.

If you intend to use the other email service, you should not just delete the SPF record, but combine both records into one.
If you shared your domain, that is something we could easily help you with.

But as I said previously, this will not help you receive emails. If you share your domain, we can probably also tell you why you are currently not receiving emails.

Thanks for your reply.
My domain is wonderkiz.ca

Can you look up what is not working and fix it?


Ok, 2 issues:

  1. Delete both SPF records and create a new one with name @ and content v=spf1 include:spf.secureserver.net include:spf.sendinblue.com -all
    This will allow you to send from both email services.
  2. Your domain has a faulty DNSSEC configuration.
    First, go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns/settings/ (select your domain) and enable DNSSEC.
    Next, go to your GoDaddy settings (Add a DS record | Domains - GoDaddy Help US) and add the DS record you got from Cloudflare.

And please come back here when you made these changes and I can check again.


Thank you for your instruction.
Honestly I’m scared to mess it up as I’m not a tech person…
I checked past posts related to this subject, but as I’ve already messed up my DNS-SPF, I’m worried if I delete something without proper knowledge.

Do you have a step-by-step instruction for non-tech person??


For the SPF records, delete one of them and change the value of the other to v=spf1 include:spf.secureserver.net include:spf.sendinblue.com -all

For DNSSEC: Theres a link to the menu where you need to click “enable” in Cloudflare and a tutorial with images on what to do in GoDaddy’s settings. I don’t think I can make it more “non-tech” than that.

However, there really isn’t much that could go wrong.

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I followed your instructions and I think it worked.
Could you please check if it’s all fine?

Thank you again

The DNSSEC change was successful. Your website works and you should be able to receive email now.

You have 3 DS records in GoDaddy now. You can now delete the 2 old ones and only keep the new DS record.
(You don’t have to do this, but it’s better to not keep unused records as they might cause confusion in the future)

For your SPF record, the changes do not look correct.
You have only v=spf1 include:spf.sendinblue.com mx ~all left now, which means that you will not be able to send from your email via GoDaddy/Microsoft
You should Change that to v=spf1 include:spf.secureserver.net include:spf.sendinblue.com -all


I did what you instructed me, hope it’s working this time…

And as I’m working on a setting of another platform, it requires me to : " paste these TXT values into your domain registrar’s control panel. "
There’re 2 things I have to add, which are TXT Name and Value.
Does this mean I have to add those to GoDaddy DS records??

No, DS records are an exception. You need to create all other records in Cloudflare now.

I’ve also just sent you a test email, can you try to reply to me?

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I can confirm I received your reply.

I just replied to your email. So I assume the email is working fine now?

Regarding to adding TXT Name and Value in cloudflare, does that mean:

  1. I go to DNS Records in Cloudflare
  2. Add, by selecting TXT as a type
  3. Add Name in the name field, Add Value in Content field

Please let me know if that’s what I have to do.


That is correct.

Thank you for all your guidance and support.
Much appreciated!!

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