DNS Conflict

I have a problem I can’t see a solution to… I hope anyone can help thanks…

I have my websites hosted with Groovefunnels. They ask me to set the name servers to the following:

Groovefunnels Name Server


However when I set this up cloud flare asks me to change these to:

Cloudflare Name Server


Therefore; If I set then name servers to the Groovefunnels name server as they suggest my website works but not the email. My email is set up with neapcheap.

If I set the name servers to Cloudflare my email works but not the website???

Please advise ASAP as there is obviously a conflict and I don’t know how to resolve it.


Does Groovefunnels let you add DNS records to your zone? If so, then they should let you add the necessary records to get your email working.

Thanks for your superfast response. I thought of that but I can’t find anywhere to input DNS records in groove. I think I will need to raise a ticket with them.

Frustrating as I could do with getting this done ASAP.


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