DNS configurations doesn't work, even though everything is right

I set up my my DNS configurations with NS type on Netlify, but apparently cloudflare do not update my DNS system, because using other services lets me to change and use my DNS in fraction of minutes. Any suggestions?

Cloudflare name servers aren’t set with NS records. It needs to be set at your domain’s registrar. If you provide the domain name, we can offer more specific guidance.

Whoops, I meant that those domains already on cloudflare, but I wanted existing domains point to Netlify’s servers. In case you are able to check, the domain is dualipa.lt

I’m not quite sure what you’ve tried so far, but your domain isn’t resolving, nor is the ‘www’ subdomain. You’ve added “A” or CNAME records for your site?

I barely speak english, the thing is that my registrant pointed to DNS name server “cristian.ns.cloudflare.com” and from here I’m trying point those domains to external platform by pointing to their server, and they support DNS TS type which is for https I guess.

Netlify might be able to tell you what DNS records you need to add.

Of they might want you to use their name servers. If you have to use their name servers, you will have to change this at your domain registrar in their WHOIS settings.

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