DNS Configuration with Subdomain

I created a subdomain and install WordPress on the subdomain I’m using Cloudflare and I also added A record in DNS settings but getting this issue how can I solve this.
Thanks in Advance.

this is my site

Did you add the record to Cloudflare, or to the DNS of your hosting provider,

That hostname is not resolving. Can you post a screenshot of that DNS record?

Can you also also confirm that your DNS page here says your Name Servers are Rocco and Sandy?

here you can see the DNS record.

yeah I added A record

i added CNAME record

i’m getting this error.

i’m getting this error. i need your help.

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Are your NS servers (which you will see at the bottom of the DNS page on the dashboard:

% dig +short ns ngxoft.com

Also, your MX record is pointing to an :orange: hostname, which will cause issues.

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here you can see.

That’s not what the rest of the Internet thinks your nameservers are! Perhaps you added the domain to two different accounts? Either you need to use the correct Cloudflare account, or you need to update the nameservers used by your domain by contacting your Registrar.


@aaqib.ngxoft - testing.ngxoft.com seems to be resolving successfully on Cloudflare.

> dig testing.ngxoft.com +short

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