DNS configuration Problems

I have been having issues with Hummingbird’s Performance Test in that it always seems to get to 99% and then hangs giving no performance summary. I have gone through numerous episodes with WPMUDev Support and my Host Support without resolution. Today I received the below analysis from WPMUDev’s Escalated Support Team.

(From WPMUDev Support) “I’m sorry to hear this issue still persists, I was able to run the Hummingbird Performance Test a few times it always takes much more time than expected, I believe this issue is caused by your DNS configuration for your site on Cloudflare since it is working sometimes and not at other times. And if you pause Cloudflare for testing, you can see it always works as expected.”

I will check my DNS Cloudflare configuration but am not really too sure what I’m looking for!

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