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I bought hosting with email service on OVH and I’m trying to cofigure DNS settings in Cloudflare for OVH domain. Everything looks fine except receving emails. I think I’m doing something wrong with MX/TXT records. My current CF configuration:

The Cloudflare setup looks good so far but there’s no mailservice listening on this server. Either you didn’t activate it in your admin control panel (if any), there is no mail server installed, or the ports are firewalled.

It worked well before changing DNS for CF. I can send emails from these mails but cant receive any so I think that i have active mails.

Should I change something here?

The MX records are totally different. I guess you want to use the mailservers from OVH?

In this case you should add at least those MX and (possibly) the three SRV records from your last screenshot.

I changed it and it works now, but I receive emails sometimes after seconds and sometimes after 10 minutes or more. (Average time of receving emails is 5-8 minutes).
Is there any way to receive emails immediately?

This is something you should ask OVH. It’s possible that their mail servers are under heavy load, or that there are other issues on their end.

And ensure that your first mx record (mail.) is no longer present since your server can’t handle emails.

I think it’s fine now. Thanks for help.

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