DNS configuration not verifying on render

I have deployed my API on render.com and by default they provide us with default .onrender.com but I want to set up a custom domain so I am using Cloudflare’s free plan as it is my hobby project. Now according to their documentation they will provide me with the certificate if I setup the A name pointing to the IP address they provided and CNAME for www pointing to current domain name. I setup everything according to their documentation but it is still not getting verified on render.com. Is there any problem on Cloudflare DNS configuration settings. Is it not active yet or how much time is it going to take ? If there is any other problem then please look into the matter.

We can only guess since you have not shared your domain name. A common reason for third-party validation to fail is setting your DNS records to :orange: Proxied which will return Cloudflare IPs. Try setting then to :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you for your response. It resolved my issue.


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