DNS configuration for email with Hostinger server

I’ve just changed my host, I’m on the Cloud with Hostinger.
I’ve configured the DNS with them, but the emails aren’t arriving in the mailbox.
Can you help me?

You do not have any MX records for your domain. You need to add MX records for the name @ (which will expand to your apex name once you save it).

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Like this one?

Do I have to register all the DNS servers?
there are many

Unless you can articulate a reason why you need to add NS records, you shouldn’t have any in your Cloudflare zone that you added.

Your apex name is returning Hostinger mailservers as MX records now. Is your email working?

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Yes, it works!
but I find it slow.
Is DMARC properly configured?

It is not. You have two records where you should only have one.

You can use the dmarcian DMARC Inspector to learn more.

Problems solved!
I fixed it by sending test emails from the site to this test tool: mail-tester

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