DNS Configuration error cloudflare

Hello everyone, I’m facing an issue: my domain is hosted on hostinger and my application is on Digital Ocean. I configured an CNAME pointing to my app on digital ocean; I tried to put the cloudflare to serve DNS, but I’m facing an error: “421 Misdirected Request”. I don’t want the DNS be resolved by cloudflare, but by hostinger. How to do it? I just pause my app, excluded my app, deactivated developer mode. Maybe is need to wait 71 hours? Even after delete my site on cloudflare, looks like the conection pass through cloudflare.


First you say you want Cloudflare to serve DNS

Then you say you don’t.

Which is it?


I don’t want anymore.

If you don’t want DNS handled by Cloudflare, you need to change the nameservers at the domain registrar so they no longer point to Cloudflare.

Likely this is due to a configuration issue.

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