DNS Configuration done but website isn't working (Elementor Cloud hosting)


I need help as I tried to solve this a few times already but the website is still down.
I used to pay Siteground for both hosting and domain. This year, I changed the hosting and paid Elementor for that. They have clear instructions and Siteground has a great customer service (that’s why I wanted to keep paying them for the domain at least), so I was in touch with both of them and I configured the DNS through Cloudfare upon recommendation.
Siteground confirmed it’s all correct, but the website doesn’t show up…so I’m quite desperate atm, thinking that maybe I should buy the domain through another company that allows me to configure DNS with them directly…

I’m attaching a screenshot of the DNS configuration that I’ve done following Elementor and Siteground instructions. The website that should go live is here: alma-gestalt.es

Could you please help me understand what’s wrong and how to fix it?
Many thanks in advance


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