DNS config

how do i add a txt record to my DNS config to verify facebook for my business

Head to your site in your Cloudflare account and then to the DNS section

You’ll see a list of records similar to this (assuming you have records):

To add a TXT record you need to have the name and content provided by Facebook, after that just click add record and select type TXT. Under name and content put the details provided by Facebook and leave the TTL at auto.

You might need to put @ in the name if Facebook tell you to put it on your root domain, feel free to share the guidance given by Facebook here and I can try point you specifically at what to put in each field.

Once created it should look like this:

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I cant even find my dns settings on cloudflare?

Just follow this link:

If not already logged in, do so and select and Account & Domain, you then will be on the DNS section.

Will look like this:

This is what I see

Ok now I understand. That actually means you have not moved a Domain to CloudFlare and therefore you can not manage it at CloudFlare.

Before beeing able to manage your domain with CloudFlare you have to move it to CloudFlare. For doing so, please follow this tutorial:

Or simply click on the “+ Add site” button and add the Domain to Cloudflare you wish to manage, then follow the instructions.

If your Domain is already added to CloudFlare you maybe are logged in the wrong account.

Hola, como puedo transferir mi dominio alojado en Byehost? ir a la configuración DNS de Cloudflare me dice que es un asociado que lo administre allí, ya borré el dominio de ese host pero todavía me da el mismo resultado en cloudflare. Debo esperar mas tiempo?

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