DNS Config is not properly propagated


Since I set up my Zoho Sites website, I have not been able to get SSL/TLS to work correctly. This means that “https” has been unavailable or misconfigured for my website on Chrome and other browsers.

When setting up a Zoho Site, Zoho supports installing an SSL certificate they provide. But it has always shown this error: “An error occurred while receiving your certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Please check your DNS configuration and try again.”

When I asked them about it, they sent this message and screenshot
"Our Engineering team has informed that the domain isn’t resolving properly, due to which we are unable to install SSL certificate for the root domain. Please refer to the attachment.

We request you to reach out to your DNS manager for more information regarding the same and revert back to us, so that we can assist further. "

Your DNSSEC is broken. Please disable DNSSEC at your domain registrar.

Or, if you’ve enabled DNSSEC in your Cloudflare dashboard, make sure your DNSSEC settings at your registrar match those here in your Cloudflare account.



I tried to copy exactly what was displayed on Cloudflare into the DNSSEC settings on my registrar, but the situation remained the same.

I’ve disabled DNSSEC on my registrar and cancelled the setup on Cloudflare. I would see whether that solves the problem.

The situation has been resolved now.

Thank you @sdayman


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