DNS Config doesn't work

I have added CNAME record to map:
election.ansidev.xyz => election.safestudio.tech [1]
election.thanhnienthuduc.space => election.safestudio.tech [2]

However, [1] worked, but [2] does not work.

ansidev.xyz & safestudio.tech is managed by CloudFlare DNS.
thanhnienthuduc.space is managed by Namecheap.

Do you have any solution?

election.ansidev.xyz is configured as CNAME for election.safestudio.tech? I wouldnt have expected that work in the first place, however assuming both domains belong to the same Cloudflare account it might the exception for such a cross-domain reference.

The thanhnienthuduc CNAME however cant work as Cloudflare does not know about that domain. You’d need to add it first to the same account, after which a configured CNAME would likely work just as in the case of the first two domains.

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