DNS config and site not visible

I bought the digitalacademy.store domain directly on CF and I configured the www dns to the target.clickfunnels.com destination.
I left the default CF name servers:
NS noor.ns.cloudflare.com
NS roman.ns.cloudflare.com

Many hours have already passed but the site is not yet visible, did I make a mistake in some configuration?
is it possible that the DNS have not yet propagated?

  1. Confirm that the name servers at the bottom of your DNS page show as noor and roman
  2. Please post a screenshot of those DNS records (www and digitalacademy.store)

Thanks for replay, yes i confirm the name servers at the bottom of my DNS page show as noor and roman.
Attach the screenshot of configuration.

It’s possible that DNS just hasn’t propagated yet. The name servers don’t seem to have been propagated yet by the .store domain registry. It can take up to 48 hours.

Ok then I’ll wait some time.
Is the configuration correct?
Is the NS record pointing to noor.ns.cloudflare.com necessary or can I remove it?

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You can get rid of that NS record. And this tutorial will help with a DNS record for the naked domain:

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