DNS Concern

Hello all!!

So I have used Cloudflare for sometime now and recently I was mad aware of a vulnerability that I am sure is known to most of you but not to me so I am coming here for advice on how to circumvent this issue and remain secure with my IP addresses.

I own a Dedicated Server with several VPSs created within all having different IPs. For the sake of this lets say VPS 1 is

I have some A records created in cloudflare that are proxied through cloudflare of course. Now when I did this I setup my A record and had it point to IP and what not so naturally if you ping subdomain.domain.com if showed cloudflares ip and not HOWEVER if you go to cloudflare as another user and try and link domain.com you can pull my DNS records and see the IP address

My question is how do people set it up so that the ip they point to in cloudflares panel is cloudflares ip?? I have seen it before with a friend who had a VPS with IP and when I looked at his A records with subdomains they were pointed to cloudflares IP and not the IP I hoped I explained this well.

No you can’t. The DNS query Cloudflare runs is against public DNS records, not your account.

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Well… On my domain the DNS records obviously expose my servers IP… However if you pull DNS for my friends domain it shows cloudflare DNS records.

You have some records that are :grey: DNS Only then. This is a common necessity on hosts that run services that cannot be proxied, such as email. If you are concerned about the secrecy of the IP, it is best to move those services to another server.