I have created 4 CNAME records for my websites that I’m hosting them on Railway.
But when I open the subdomain links they are not yet visible on the internet. Even when I check the CNAME records on dnschecker , they are not showing. It’s been 2 hours since I added the CNAME records. Any idea?
My domain is arbiters.io

If they are proxied, CNAME entries will never be CNAME entries.

Post a screenshot of your DNS entries.

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Hello Sir.
Can you please explain for me the reason and why? Cause I’m new here it’s my first time I use cloudflare
this is my DNS CNAME records:

Many thanks!

Cloudflare always publishes proxied CNAMEs as synthetic A and AAAA records that point to Cloudflare proxy IPs.

If your third-party service is looking for the CNAMEs as a condition of activation, you can set the hostnames to :grey: DNS Only so that the CNAME records will be returned. Once the names are confirmed, you may be able to switch them back to :orange: Proxied.

The apex name is an exception. CNAMEs are not permitted at the root of the zone. Cloudflare uses an approach they call CNAME Flattening to accommodate the use of a CNAME there.


You need to unproxy those if you want proper CNAME entries.


You should also make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.


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