DNS CNAME Record Point

I need to make a change as to where my CNAME points. When I do I am getting errors , see attachment

I can give additional details if needed but I need to get it corrected before the end of year of my site wont work. Thank you!

May I ask can you try to switch your CNAME record from proxied :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only) and write back if that fixeds the issue?

May I suggest looking into below article for a solution and more information about Error 1014:


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I did try that and I received an error again

Hm, may I ask if you were using some Cloudflare integrator via your old provider, or was your domain used by a Saas provider, or like tried to setup Github, Kajabi, etc. which may have your domain configured via Cloudflare using their interface?

Have you tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue?

I use Proboards and was contacted by them (who was told by Cloudflare) that I needed to change my CNAME. I did what I was asked to do thru the Cloudflare site and I get those errors.

I am not good with all this so am panicking at this point.

I will try to email them if I can not get it fixed here.
Thank you

I’m pretty sure this is because whatever that CNAME points to is not properly configured for your custom hostname. I suggest you leave that DNS entry set to :grey: DNS Only and let Proboards figure it out.

I have left the CNAME as is and set it to DNS Only. I have advised proboards. It appears that other Proboards site are working correctly. I guess It is just me :pensive:

Don’t take it personally. Those other sites probably have their custom hostname properly set up by Proboards. If Cloudflare doesn’t see your hostname as properly added to Proboards, you’ll get that error.

Cloudflare (rightly so) doesn’t allow just anybody to CNAME their website to someone else’s.

I have had it this way for three years and Proboards actually suggests Cloudflare so I just do not understand

If Proboards recently switched to Cloudflare, this could be the issue. Regardless, they’re the only ones who can fix this.

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I sent an email and was told to ask here for help because I am a free member. How can one get help if you can not even contact them.

(Getting frustrated here)

If your URL is what I think it is, it’s because Proboards only configured your site to work with a non-WWW URL.

Please add a Page Rule like this, but with your actual domain instead of “example”
Match: www.example.com/*
Setting: Forwarding URL (301) to https://example.com/

I will ask them how and where to add that.

I can get to my site with or without the www Thank you

Here’s the full-blown tutorial on Page Rules. You can ignore the DNS record part and go straight to Step 2.

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Done! :grin:

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