DNS CNAME Propagation Issue

I changed the cname value of docs.abusix.com to abusix.helpkit.so and rollbacked to the abusix.helpjuice.com.

But still docs.abusix.com is loading to abusix.helpkit.so and due to this our documentation website is impaired. Your immediate response is highly appreciated.

It’s properly resolving.

nslookup -type=cname docs.abusix.com norman.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  norman.ns.cloudflare.com

docs.abusix.com canonical name = abusix.helpjuice.com

It will simply be a propagation issue on your site, so just wait until your resolver updated or try to force an update.

Hi @sandro
Thanks for the replies. I turned off the DNS Proxy in DNS record to test few things. And now it gives me SSL error. But if I enable the Proxy, it redirects me to the abusix.helpkit.so

That suggests your new provider added that hostname to their own Cloudflare account, which now overrides your own configuration. You need to contact them, so that they drop their Cloudflare integration.

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you mean helpkit.so? or heljuice.so?

The former, they need to drop their custom hostname for your domain. Once they did, your configuration will work again. Maybe you can even drop it yourself in their control panel, just check it.

Thank you @sandro

I was able to remove docs.abusix.com custom domain from helpjuise side. Before I removed it from heljuise side, I could not even add the same domain to helpkit. It failed in helpkit side(could be heljuise was holding the docs.abusix.com ?)

Still after removing custom domain from helpjuise side, can’t add in to the helpkit side.

Is there way to check all the account settings in Cloudflare for docs.abusix.com

Right, that hostname is now controlled by your account again and proxying works. I am afraid any issues with your service provider need to be discussed with them, Cloudflare is not involved here.

The Cloudflare settings are correct.

@sandro Thank you so much. Got it resolved with the help from Helpkit support.

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