DNS CNAME problem


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you have an entry for cdn1 which points to cdn. But no entry exists for cdn.

dig cdn1.liffyworld.com CNAME +short

You can have a CNAME point ot another CNAME, but that CNAME needs to exist and route somewhere.


can u help me what i can do to solve the cdn problem


What is the CDN entry intended to do? Do you have a server somewhere which has content on it that you want to access with the name cdn1?


hello sir i m using godaddy hosting + cloudflare + stackpath cdn


Uploading… sir i add cdn like this what i do grey cloud or orange cloud and i also want to add more cname cdn.liffyworld.com upto cdn3.liffyworld.com


If cdn1 is supposed to point to a stackpath server or service you’d need to ask them what the value for the record should be.


sir send u screenshot where i make cdn


here it saying to add cname so i add cname i don’t know how correctly activate it in cloudflare


DNS entries are made in the DNS section of the Cloudflare Admin console.


I am not familiar with how Stackpath is configured, so you’ll need to ask them how to configure the values for their CDN service.

I wouldn’t recommend orange clouding any of your records, if you are using Stackpath for CDN and DDoS there’s no reason to also be using Cloudflare for the same services and it will unnecessarily complicate your configuration. If you leave the records gray cloud then you are just using Cloudflare for DNS and the names and value for those entries should be provided by the companies providing you those services. In this case, since stackpath is providing CDN you’d need to ask them what entries you should create and what the values should be.


Per the screenshot you provides you should create an entry for whatever custom host name you want to use (eg. cdn1) to the value they provided you.


hello sir i have problem my site is working on both http and https i have to do that whole site only run on https on secure connection and also help me to fully migrate your website to secured(HTTPS) version


I responded to this back in your original thread.


i have an issue with a MX record i dont why it doesnt found it if i already configure everything as it i dont know if i have to wait to see any result of if i did it wrong someone can help me please


You can always manually add MX records in the Cloudflare DNS tab. You can get the MX records from your hosting company’s DNS settings on your hosting account.



Yesterday i connect my with cloudflare befor connect to it, i verify my site with google. After connection i unable to verify my property to google, google says DNS error. Even google pagespeed also not showing my result, DNS error.

DNS error while resolving allassamjobs.info. Check the spelling of the host, and ensure that the page is accessible from the public Internet
Domain: allassamjobs.info

Please help.



It’s working for me. Even Pagespeed Insights was able to show me a report. Same with Pingdom:


No, please also check this url. Google unable to reach my server. Also say my DNS error.


I m unable to verify my own property. Befor adding to cloudflare i successfully verify. But after got ssl certificate i think to address with https now google not reaching me.


You’re missing that Meta tag in your HTML header.

It’s easier to Verify your property using a DNS entry or a google file in your home directory.