DNS CNAME not visible when I resolve DNS query

I’m trying to route my domain trough to Azure (where my static site is hosted). Azure told me to add their mysite.web.core.windows.net url as a CNAME record. I did that, but after 2 days, I still get my old A and AAAA records when I execute a DNS query on my domain.

I removed the old A and AAAA configuration and added a CNAME for my naked/apex domain and my www subdomain. After 2 days, I still don’t see a DNS change and I can’t configure Azure to use my custom domain.

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

If that was an existing hostname and it is set to :orange:, Cloudflare’s public IP address isn’t going to change.

If it’s a CNAME now, Azure probably needs it set to :grey: so it can behave like a normal CNAME.

Thanks, that solved my problem!

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