DNS CNAME not propagating

Have been trying to validate this DNS record and it is not working.

Cloudflare removes de dominion info from the name, so it’s just “Flipbook” …
![Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 11.32.24|690x76]

I am not a programmer and have been trying and reinserting the info for one week.

Any help is much appreciated.

You have it orange-clouded so it will never resolve as a CNAME, it’ll resolve as two A and two AAAA records, with IPs pointing to Cloudflare’s proxies, and then Cloudflare’s proxies will do a lookup for that paperturn.com name you set and proxy the traffic there

If you want it to resolve as a CNAME you’ll need to grey cloud it and wait 5 minutes

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It’s working! Do I wait for full propagation and then flip it to orange or just leave it grey?


Well, if I understand correctly, you’re validating with a third-party service “Paperturn”. So it depends whether they only validate that the CNAME is pointing to them once, or if they re-check periodically. You should ask them. You can leave it grey forever if you want, the traffic just won’t pass through Cloudflare’s proxy.

Super! I can take it from here. Thank you again!!!

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