DNS Cname Keeps Disappearing *HELP*

Hi all,

I am having a bit of an issue, each time I put the following information on the DNS section of Cloudflare:
Hostname: @
Value: tozome.hosting.kinsta.cloud

Hostname: www
Value: tozome.hosting.kinsta.cloud

They disappear after a few hours rendering my website inaccessible, and I am not sure why. Any tips/assistance on this would be much appreciated.

Hi @simeon,

If the records are disappearing from your dashboard, you can check the Audit Log to see what is removing them. It’s most likely a 3rd party integration that you have given access to your account.

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Thank you for this helpful signpost. Where can I find the audit log, please?

It’s right at the top of your account home page after you log in to the dashboard.


Thank you!

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