Dns/cname issues

HI guys
In need of help. Relative newcomer to these shores. So i migrated over from hostgator several months ago and tonight i was prompted by Cloudflare to look at my dns again. I changed all to automatic and now its not working. can you tell me which go to DNS only and which automatic. these below are all automatic. Many thanks

||A|bumtittybum.com|points to
|A|localhost|points to|Automatic||[Delete]
|A|webdisk|points to|Automatic||[Delete]
|A|whm|points to|Automatic||[Delete]
|CNAME|cpanel|is an alias of bumtittybum.com|Automatic||[Delete])|
|CNAME|ftp|is an alias of bumtittybum.com|Automatic||[Delete]
|CNAME|webmail|is an alias of bumtittybum.com|Automatic||[Delete]
|CNAME|www|is an alias of bumtittybum.com|Automatic|||

Automatic is just TTL for how long that DNS lookup is cached. Auto sets it to 5 minutes. This is a good setting.

If something is broken, it’s not because that DNS entry is set to Auto.

thanks for the reply. i have sent tne screenshot i changed some of these earlier to automatic and then problems began. i cant remember which ones i changed. i know spome should be DNS only??

many thanks in advance


I only saw the text output of your list, but it doesn’t include :orange:/:grey:, which might break things.

Localhost probably won’t even let you set to :orange:, but it should be :grey: if there is a :cloud: toggle.

“ftp” should be grey…but even better, just don’t have an FTP entry, as it advertises your host’s IP address. Set your S/FTP client to use the IP address instead.

Which problems are you having?

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