DNS CNAME - error 1016 on mobile

I have setup Cloudflare through Siteground for https://www.rockportinvestpartners.com.

I have the DNS records for this site at Hover.

I was told by Siteground support that I would need to remove the A records pointing to the IP address from the Hover DNS records and then add a CNAME record for www pointing to www.rockportinvestpartners.com.cdn.cloudflare.net.

I see traffic through Cloudflare. Everything seems to work on desktop. But when I try connecting from a mobile device I get an error 1016 which tells me to check my DNS settings.

I am not sure what I am missing or how to proceed.

I’m getting a 1016 from Desktop as well. Global test shows the same.

So their DNS suggestion should take care of the problem.

Sorry. I should have been more clear. I followed the DNS suggestion of removing the A records and adding in the CNAME record. After that, I am getting the 1016 error on mobile. I can see the site on desktop.

The link you included doesn’t bring up anything.

Too bad that link didn’t show you the tests. They all had a 1016 as well:

A proper Cloudflare setup uses “A” records with the IP address of your server. Did you set up Cloudflare directly in the Cloudflare dashboard, or is this a setup through SiteGround’s account settings?