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First time user of Cloudflare and I just set it up a few days ago. It seemed to be working fine but this morning I get a 500 error for the website. Sometimes it does work for a few seconds and then it doesnt. It seems that Cloudflare is working so a connection to the origin web server was made but web server timed out before responding. So a host error.
What did I change yesterday? I did make some changes in the DNS. But these were only related to Mail things like TXT,MX for mailing and are at the original host done.
I do still have two A records at my original host that are also copie in the cloudflare DNS. Perhaps now there is a conflict?
So my questions is. What should I leave active on my original host for DNS records or can I just remove all (since they are all in Cloudflare records as well?)
(btw the two nameservers from cloudflare are correct in the settings of the original hosting party)

Sorry for probably stating newby things… all help is much appreciated.
Thank you!

Just read that when I changed the nameservers all DNS records at the original registrar dont matter anyway. So then The problem must reside at the cloudflare side in the dns. Or perhaps with amount of memory available. (this already is set to 256) … any idea how to troubleshoot this 500 further? (manually disabled plugins as well although I did not install any new ones). This also does not solve the problem. Cache removed. Did not solve.

What is the domain name?

brothersingames . com

The DNSSEC DS records at your registrar are for your old nameservers. You either need to disable DNSSEC at your registrar, or change the DS records there to those given by Cloudflare here…


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Thank you! will look into it right away and check my with my registrar

Just had a look and DNSSEC seems to be fixed.

The 500 error I can now see is coming from your origin server as it includes non-Cloudflare headers (x-powered-by: ASP.NET) so you’ll need to check there.

Try pausing Cloudflare to see if the error persists and to debug it on your server.

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