Dns-cloudflare giving success while dry-run but giving error during actual run

I am running this code.
certbot certonly --non-interactive --dry-run --agree-tos --dns-Cloudflare --dns-Cloudflare-credentials --domain=DOMAIN_NAME --cert-name=DOMAIN_NAME --config-dir CONF_DIR --work-dir WORK_DIR --logs-dir LOGS_DIR --email EMAIL --dns-Cloudflare-propagation-seconds 60

I am following the API token method here…

This is running success during dry run…

But when --dry-run is removed the above code is giving error 6003. Can someone help me understand why that is happening.

That is odd. Have you confirmed whether there were any issues adding the DNS records?

This is a certbot error. If you don’t wind up getting the answers you need here, you may have better luck in the Let’s Encrypt Community.

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