DNS / Cloudflare error

Looking for some support help. I’m getting a Cloudflare / DNS error but neither out internal IT team nor our hosting uses Cloudflare. There appears to be a Cloudflare account associated with the domain and I am trying to find out who owns the account that is associated with our url that we purchased about 6-ish years ago. They url was purchased through GoDaddy and have reached out to them as well. Apologies if this isn’t a clear request. I am not in IT I am just trying to follow the thread and figure out the problem. Thank you!

What is the error you are getting?

That’s very odd. I don’t see your domain using Cloudflare. The nameservers for the domain aren’t Cloudflared (check). Your domain doesn’t resolve to using a Cloudflare IP (check). I also don’t see that error page when trying to view the domain. Can you check your DNS servers and see if anything is cached because that is the only thing I can think of.


Thank you for your reply! I’ll pass this along to my IT team and see if that helps.


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