DNS Client Events 1014 for time.cloudflare.com

I’m using as DNS server for both IPv4 and IPv6. I’m also using Cloudflare WARP+ Unlimited currently, but the error was happening before too.

I was seeing this warning in the event logs ever since switching my time server to time.cloudflare.com from time.windows.com.

Doing tracert time.cloudflare.com shows it is working. But I see this weird warning at random times in the event log unfourtanely. My clock is working; tracert is working. It is just this weird warning there.

I was just ignoring it but wanted to create a community post incase anyone else have this issue, and to find out if this a problem with Windows, my computer or Cloudflare.

Since tracert and time works and this only happens several times randomly, I think it is just a temporary issue, i.e DNS request timing out when computer is heavily used (as far as I know time syncing happens on background and home computers prioritize programs, not background tasks unlike Windows Server)

Anyone knows why this happens? Here is a screenshot of the warning in the event log (warning: it is localized to Turkish, but the warning just says DNS resolution failed for time.cloudflare.com)

I’m using the DNS which is also a Cloudflare product (like time.cloudflare.com) and is the fastest DNS resolver in the world, so I’m curius why it is failing. Backup/secondary DNS server is also and this same for both IPv4 and IPv6.

It was happening ever since I switched to time.cloudflare.com, It is not specific to WARP, WARP+ or DNS I think.

It can be because of my ethernet but I think it is not, since I see this warning only on time.cloudflare.com. If it was a general error/warning, I should see more warnings for other domains, shouldn’t I? Also there was no warning when I was using time.windows.com I think.

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