DNS CHECKER shows CNAME not active

First, my subscribers are not receiving the emails from my campaign. I double checked DNS records on Cloudflare and all seems good. I checked DNS checker and CNAMES are not active. But all the others show Green Checks. I don’t know what is missing.

Can someone help?

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Are your CNAME records set to :orange: Proxied? Proxied CNAMEs are published as A and AAAA records of the Cloudflare proxy. Switch your CNAMEs to :grey: DNS Only and see if that makes a difference.

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They are set to DNS only already.

Host name?


Host name?

Cloudflare is not your host, and that is not what is meant by hostname.

The names in your Cloudflare DNS app like www and mail are hostnames. You indicated that you are not seeing CNAMEs that you expect to find. Sharing the hostnames of the CNAMEs in question will allow further investigation to assist you.

Since you haven’t shared your domain name yet, either, please share the full name. e.g. www.example.com rather just www


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