DNS Checker.org reveals wrong A record for several of my domains hosted with cloudflare

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Hi. A number of my websites are no longer accessible via cloudflare. I cannot determine why this is occuring.

The websites are as follows:

The domain names and DNS A records for the above domains points to which is my webhost bluehost (static IP) for wordpress websites that i have hosted with bluehost. When i go to www.dnschecker.org and enter my domain name
www.microteksol.com. It is telling me that the DNS records point to: (which is incorrect).

How do i fix this so that the A records correctly point to my static IP which is

[email protected]
(804) 393-8951

Those are Cloudflare IP addresses. Cloudflare is proxying your website which it why you would normally be using it. That is needed if you want Cloudflare to protect your website, or use any other Cloudflare features.

If you just want DNS services, then you can change the records from “proxied” to “DNS only” so traffic goes direct to your origin server.

Explained here…

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