DNS Checker - no NS found

Nameservers were updated 72 hours ago through NameCheap, and domain shows Active on Cloudflare but all DNS checkers show NO DNS records at all. No NS, A, CNAME, MX, TXT. The hosting company says it’s Cloudflare. I’ve never had an issue on any other domain I’ve set up through Cloudflare. Any ideas? domain is leverridgepartners.com

Double check the nameservers set are the correct ones. They may differ from those used for other domains in your account, especially if you set your usual nameservers at NameCheap before adding the domain to Cloudflare.

Good idea. I’ve triple checked. In Cloudflare - the domain is showing Active as though the NS are connected. Any idea why DNS records show none?

The domain doesn’t show an SOA (primary nameserver) yet so it can’t be resolved.

Show no records or show no nameservers? If the former, then you just haven’t set any or it hasn’t imported any. If the latter, nameservers don’t show in the DNS records, but in a table just below. Can you show a screenshot of your DNS page?

Thanks. In Cloudflare, I realize the NS records are in the table below. When using DNS checker tools though, they don’t show any DNS records at all including NS records. https://dnschecker.org/ I can see from your tool check, the NS records are there though, so that’s hopeful.

Yet, I have set an A record pointing to my domain hosting site - not showing

  • a CNAME record for a subdomain to a side service provider - not showing
  • 3 MX records for my email through Cloudflare - not showing
  • a CNAME record for www pointing back to root - not showing
  • a TXT record for Cloudflare email - not showing

Nothing will show until an SOA record is created by Cloudflare as your records can’t be looked up. If the nameservers and everything else is correct, I’m not sure what normally fixes it. Some people delete the domain, then add it back again and that makes it work. The produces two new nameservers that need to be set at the registrar.

It’s started working…

Removing it and adding it back, updating nameserver records seem to fix it. Just waiting on the other propagating timeframes. Thanks for the help! I needed to know it wasn’t something I missed. Have a great rest of your day!

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