DNS Check shows nothing except A records. Is this a problem?

This came to light because I was having some email problems and wanted to see if I have an SPF record. When I did a DNS check, I can’t see any records except the A ones, but I have CNAME, MX and TEXT records (including an SPF) I can see in the Cloudfare dashboard.

I’m trying to work out how to fix this, and if it’s a problem

You can see them in Cloudflare, but not the DNS checking tool, correct? So you know the records exists. Then the issue is with the tool itself, or the way you’re using perhaps, yes/no?

  1. What is the domain?
  2. What tool are you using and how are you using it?
  3. Have you recently made changes to DNS?
  4. Have you discounted other non-DNS possibilities?

I usually use dig from my command line. If you don’t have any preferred tools on your computer, Google has a useful online version.


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The reason I was looking was that I can’t get emails to be accepted by gmail. I have an spf record in the dashboard. But when I use something like dnschecker dot org I can’t see any txt records at all, let alone the spf record. I don’t know if that means there’s something wrong, or whether I’m just getting sidetracked

I’m getting so stressed, because I really haven’t got a clue what I’m doing and I don’t know who to ask!

And in the meantime, these emails aren’t getting to people who probably now think I’m ignoring them!

What is the records you have set that you are trying to check? Can you provide a screenshot of the record in your Cloudflare dashboard?

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The particular thing I’m trying to check is my spf.

The thing that makes it complicated is that I have my website hosted on Kajabi, and when I set up a custom domain with them they directed me to set up Cloudfare, and I redirected my domain (registered with IONOS).

Kajabi sends emails from my domain.

I have found a problem after I get replies to my Kajabi emails, I reply to them from my Mac Mail (which goes through IONOS smtp), and if it’s to a gmail address it bounces saying that I have no valid spf or dkim.

When I asked Kajabi support, they couldn’t see my DNS records on any DNS checker. So, I am wondering if that means I have a bigger problem. Perhaps my Kajabi mails are bouncing as well, if the spf record isn’t even visible?

I hope that gives enough to explain. Thanks for trying to help.

It exists

$ dig kjbm.superchargedfinance.com TXT
kjbm.superchargedfinance.com. 300 IN	TXT	"v=spf1 include:mailgun.org include:_spf-eu.ionos.com ~all"

Also on DNS Checker

Thanks very much.

How did you know to put kjbm prefix on the domain?

And is that different to superchargedfinance dot com or www. ?

And does that imply that I need another spf record, which is on the main domain rather than a subdomain?

Because that is the name in the first screenshot you posted.


Are you sending email from superchargedfinance.com or kjbm.superchargedfinance.com? If the former, you need a TXT record for it (using @ for the name as shown in the aforementioned screenshot.)

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Amazing. Thank you so much. I think that will crack this.

I’ll report back if it works!

You may be interested in the SPF Surveyor that dmarcian makes available.

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Thanks @anon9246926 @epic.network for helping me to work this out. It seems to have worked, adding the spf record against the domain rather than the subdomain. I’ve sent the emails again, and I haven’t had any undeliverable responses.