DNS Check reports error on root Domain


I when I do a dns check on CNAME, my root domain reports and error (red cross) but when I do the check with www…, it works.
Any idea what could be wrong in my setup ?
My domain belongs to Infomaniak but DNS is managed in Cloudflare
Thanks a lot in advance for your support !
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You cannot have a (visible) CNAME record for your root domain, so looking for it is pointless.

If you create a CNAME for your root domain, Cloudflare will automatically convert it to A/AAAA records with the same value that your CNAME target resolves to, so you need to check if you root domain and your CNAME target resolve to the same IP.


Thanks Laudian.
I am getting crazy with my Cloudflare config today (notice that I am not too technical…)
Cloudflare Config 1

The two issues I have are:
I apparently need to add a record for my root domain but I don’t know which one to choose (CNAME, A, AAAA) and which value to add
I also have an error message with sendgrid attached.
Expected CNAME record for “url7181 mydomain” to match “sendgrid net”, but got “”.

I feel this should really be basic for you but I am really stuck and have spent a huge mount of time on it so far…
Any pointers greatly appreciated !
Thanks and best regards

You have this DNS entry already for CNAME url7181 sendgrid.net but you need to turn the proxying off (press the orange cloud so it goes grey).


Thanks a lot.
I tried indeed to turn proxying off but now I get a message: "This record exposes the IP address used in the CNAME record on 12736248 mydomain. Enable the proxy status to protect your origin server.

Shall I really turn off proxying ?
Thanks again

It gives that warning because 12736248 points to the same place (sendgrid.net) so that record should be unproxied to. Since this points at Sendgrid, not your origin, there’s no problem to expose them and Sendgrid requires it in order to validate the settings anyway.


Ok Great. Thanks a lot !
Shall i then turn off proxying for all my entries linked to sendgrid ?

Thanks again !!!

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